Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stayed Tuned Guys!

Mwahahaha, here's a little tease.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lets Bring It Back Oldschool: FB33

On the way to our destination.
Blue skies. Wooooo.. Perfect day to shoot.
Ze boys at work!
Changing the power output on the flash.
Okay let's try it now.
Setting up for the rig shot.
And now for the back.
All set and ready to go.

And here are some of the shots we took of the car..
Lurking from the shadows.
Side View.
Back view.
Having some fun while heading home. The camera did really well at ISO 3200!

It was a wonderful day, great learning experience. It was good seeing how the pros do their work and hopefully we will learn from what they teach us. I've always wanted to build a rig, but money always gets in the way of everything. After seeing the shots that Brasher did it makes me want it more! Time to save up!

Anyways this is one of the shots that Brasher did;
As you can see I've edited our pictures very similarly. Why have I done this? Photos are taken to capture moments and let the viewer have a feel of what is going on. In this case the images that we've edited gives an old school feel which really mixes well with the car. Old school car, old school feel.

Well to sum this post up, it was a great day. Wonderful weather, met new people & learnt a few things. If you guys get a chance, flick through Brasher's blog ( or visit his flickr (, his work is amazing!

Thanks for looking! Updates will come very soon! Cheerios.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wendy's 32nd Birthday

Bichy boo
Say cheese!
Paris' card to Wendy
Ana's car to Wendy
Paris, Bich & Ana
Happy family!
Katie & Paris
Ze cousins & nieces.
Thanks for the present Bich! Mwah!
Ngawww.. Sisterly love.
The sisters.
3, 2, 1 smile.
Wendy & I
Mimi & Wendy (Oroton)
Nom nom nom.
Mimi & Wendy (Zippo)
Ed's signature pose. LOL

Overall it was a good night, food was great & got to spend time with the cousins/nieces. Seafood overload! It was awesome!

The menu consist of; Singapore Chilli Crab,
                                Singapore Chilli Lobster,
                                Seafood Spring Rolls,
                                Salt & Pepper Crab,
                                Scallops &
                                Steamed Vegetables.

The night was followed by ABL Club, but I didn't want to bring my camera there just incase. My flash batteries were almost dead & I didn't have another set ready. Anyways Happy Birthday Wendy!