Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Roadster Garage Product Shots

So the other day, Adam from Roadster Garage asked us to do some product shots for him, here are the outcomes. Check out his shop for some of your car needs.

P.S; THE BLOG IS BEING REBORN! Will be blogging more often now, new year, fresh start.

Stay tuned fellas. Peace.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Adam's NB8

So it's been awhile since we posted and guess what! We had our first magazine feature! Even though it's an online magazine, any publicity is good publicity right?

Adam's car has come along way. It was bone stock when he got it, and now look at it! It's a beauty.

This is how it looked before:

And after a few money spent this is how it sat:
Shot by Kevin Yiu, check out his work at

And this is how it sits now:
I was rather happy when Adam asked me to shoot his car, but to also tell me that the pictures would be published for an online magazine (Miata Journal), I was cheering! Thanks for letting us shoot your car Adam!

So it was time to decide on location, we were really stuck on this part. Michael has only gotten his license for a few month now & we really hadn't had the chance to scope out some locations, but almost every week we would go for a drive to National Park. So since we know the place rather well, it seemed perfect for Adam's NB8.

Here are the shots we took:

# = Yet to arrive/purchase
* = Yet to be installed

Mazda BP-4W Automatic Engine
I.L Motorsport Bonnet Lift Kit
NOPRO Washer Bottle Relocator Kit
GMB Waterpump
CBC Timing Belt Kit
RoadsterGarage Engine Damper
Flat Black Intake Plenum
Satin White & RG blue Cam Cover
Hand Polished Bolts
Various Braided Lines
Dahtone Racing Depowered Steering Rack
Deleted A/C
Mazdaspeed Resivour Covers
Maruha Oil Baffle*
Maruha 78 Thermostat*
Mazdaspeed Competition Motor Mounts*
Gates Racing High Performance Timing Belt*
Gates Racing Water Pump*

RoadsterGarage 3 Inch Intake
BMC Carbon Fibre Inclosed Air Filter
BPI Racing Velocity Stack
Walbro Fuel Pump

OBXR 10.5mm Blue Spark Plug Wires
NGK Copper Spark Plugs

Cooling Pro 50mm Radiator
Autogauge Water Temp Adaptor
Autogauge Oil Sandwich plate
Castrol Oil

Npower 4-2-1 Headers
RS*R Exmag GTII Muffler
RoadsterGarage/Custom 2.5 Inch Midpipe
Lukey Performance Resonator
Apexi ECV

SE Clutch Master Cylinder
SE Clutch Slave Cylinder
NB8B Manual Pedal Kit
NB8B Power Plant Frame
ORC Racing Super Single Clutch
ORC Lightweight Flywheel
ORC Pressure Plate
NA6 5 Speed Gearbox
Mazdaspeed Replica Short Shifter
Locked Diff
4.1 Final Drive
NB8B Manual Tailshaft
Custom Braided Clutch Line
Redline Shockproof Gear & Diff Oil

Mazdaspeed NR-A 7 Point Rollcage
Whiteline 24mm Heavy Duty Front Sway Bar
Whiteline 14mm Adjustable Rear Sway Bar
Racing Beat Rear Lower Control Arm Brace
Flyin Miata Frame Rail Brace
Carbing Front Strut Brace
Carbing Rear Strut Brace
G4 Racing Coilovers
iConcept Inner Tie Rods
Beatrush PPF Brace

RDA Slotted Rotors
Project Mu Type NS Front Brake Pads
Ferodo Excel Rear Brake Pads
Motul RBA 660 Racing Brake Fluid

Autogauge Air/Fuel Gauge
Autogauge Oil Pressure Gauge
Autogauge Water Tempreture Gauge
Autogauge Oil Tempreture Gauge
Autogauge Boost Gauge (Currently being used as a vaccum gauge)
Modified JDM Gauge Cluster
Pivot 3 Stage Shift Light

OEM Mazda MX-5 Stainless Steel Scuff Plates
Engine Start Button
Worksbell Splash Hub/Boss kit
Sparco R215 Steering Wheel 350mm
Mazdaspeed Horn Button
Two 1kg Fire Extinguishers With Custom Mounts
Dori Handbrake Button
Knobmiester Visor Blanking Plates
Lotus Elise S1 Seats
RoadsterGarage Rails
Camzilla Rollcage Camera Mount

I.L Motorsport Clear Side Indicators
Bomex Front Bumper
Bomex Side Skirts
Modified Mazdaspeed A-Spec Rear Lip
Rolled & Pumped Guards
US/JDM Red Rear Reflectors
RoadsterGarage Mirrors
Headlights With Clear Indicators
RoadsterGarage Front Tow Hook#
RoadsterGarage Rear Tow Hook
Beatrush Number Plate Bracket
Garage Vary Eyelids
D1 Generation bonnet pins

Superlite GTR Painted Satin White And RG blue
16×8 -1 Front
16×8 +4 Rear
Blue Lightweight Lug Nuts
FireStone Fire Hawk Wide Oval 205/45/16 tyres

 It was fun shooting this car. Reading Adam's build thread on JDMST it has come along way, a very long way & he should be happy with the way it has turned out. I guess what's most important about this shoot was that now we know what to do & what not to do when doing an automotive shoot. And also that we've met two great people to be our friends.

Be sure to check out Adam's blog (Roadster Garage) for more updates on his car.

I hope you guys liked the photos and hopefully there will be more automotive shoots to come.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I think it's safe to say PICTURE OVERLOAD! This might have been the biggest meet to date. The weather was beautiful, there was a shit load of cars & I made a few new friends. The boys at THE-LOWDOWN did a good job organising everything & I hope there will be another event like this in the mere future.

Anywhos, I hope you guys enjoy the pictures that I took on the day, updates will be coming very shorty.